Saturday, 24 December 2011

Mother Nature is no excuse- Painting Challenge Update 2

So, for those who don't live in Christchurch (affectionatly known as Quakechurch); we experienced more rocking and rolling yesterday. I myself was safe and sound with my family slightly out of town on Banks Peninsula, but recieved the very odd sensation of watching large rockfalls across the harbour. Unnerving. Sadly, this is common place here at the moment- although we have had no large rumbles in 6 months according to the TV. After a brief time stuck over there (roads were closed to be checked for slip damage), we were able to come home to a house with no further damage or nothing too much fallen over.

But still, an earthquake is no excuse for such poor discipline from my South Lincolnshire Regiment! I came home to find them like this..

All bar the two bearers of the colours were no longer in ranks- two of the troopers had the audacity to attempt to go AWOL; they were picked up as they attempted to escape (to the pub I assume).

Who could redress the ranks, instill an air of courage? Well, the Duke of Wellington of course!
Here is my WIP Duke- there is only a little bit to finish on the Duke- some highlights on his hat, the gold and maybe a touch up on the flesh. His horse has not even got base colours, but I will have to find the right brown! He will hopefully get done today.

So the way the Analogue Hobbies competition works is that I will send them pictures of my finished models, they will be posted on their website then I can put them up on mine too after a day or so. So, without any further ado- here is my painted first (and only) model up on Analogue Hobbies... A Spartan!!

No need for pictures up on here for just that one test model- I am pretty happy with the bronze and the red. Not so much the flesh- something to work on when I paint some more.

Right, off to start painting the Duke's horse, and sending some photos of British Artillery to Analogue. 



  1. Yikes, I find what you're going through a bit surreal. I hope mother nature gives you folks a break. Just try to time the detailed paint work when the house is not shaking.

    Nice work on the Duke. I'm really looking forward to seeing these boys done up.



  2. The Colour Party is slways the last to fall !.

  3. You are correct Jacko, they are the last to fall! In my case, they also had the advantage of being blu tacked to the base!

    You gave me an idea, maybe I can blame it for any poor detail work!

    Anyway, back to painting the Duke, you will be able to claim a Viking from a natural disaster zone soon enough!

  4. Glad to see you came through the shakes okay. I was at work in Ferrymead watching the concrete walls bend!!!

  5. Not good at all! I am fine, just one more thing that Christchurch has to deal with...

    From all reports just psychologically damaging, not structurally damaging!

  6. We felt the 3:18 down at the bach in Oamaru so was very glad to see there were no casualties- except for a few models!

    People must seriously be over liquifaction!

    Have a good Christmas and hope the shakes subside soon!