Sunday, 4 December 2011

Kingdom of Brittania Fleet finished!

My Dystopian Wars British fleet has been fully completed as of this morning! I thought it would be a good time to get some proper photos of it done, so I can properly call it finished!
The Southern Fleet in it's completed state. I will be adding more fliers and more vessels (once they are released by Spartan Games), but this is every single thing I own for the Brittanians painted!
The HMS Thunderchild, a Majesty class Dreadnought. Equipped with no less than 6 primary turrets, broadsides and all around torpedoes, as well as her forward ram (if all else fails, ram it); Dreadnoughts have become a much feared weapon in the Coral Sea as the Prussian Empire seems to keep bringing them along! If you don't get the naming of it, you have not read enough good Sci-Fi, especially in the victorian era!
The HMS Achillies and HMS Iron Duke both Ruler class Battleships. Three primary turrets and one shield generator, as well as torpedoes make these both formidable vessels, even when damaged! These two are constant performers, primarily I think to their candy cane funnels.
The HMS Victoria an Avenger class Fleet Carrier. Equipped with tiny fliers, torpedoes and small turrets this is a vessel which can bring the hurt- but has sank in both of the games I have used it in! Not sure how to make it work properly just yet, I think it will take a bit more thought before I get it just right. It certainly can dish out alot of torpedo dice, but it is incredibly fragile.
Three Tribal class Cruisers, the HMS Vanguard, HMS Warspite and HMS Colossus. These three suffer from having a low Damage Rating and Critical Rating (meaning they die quick) plus only average firepower. They do not appear in my fleet often, which is a pity, because Cruisers should be essential in any fleet!
The Vanguard class submarines. These are the most "steam-punk" of all of the Brittanian fleet, they are a submarine equipped with forward torpedoes, but their primary goal is to chainsaw the enemy vessels! The subs have a massive hull ripping set of teeth on the prow of the vessel. As for their effectiveness in battle? I like them!
A squadron of Orion class Destoryers. These are one of my favourite units, with forward torpedoes, good speed and the ability Pack Hunters these ships are incredibly effective as a "first-strike" weapon, using their speed to race forward and damage as much as possible! Return fire is absolutely catastrophic to them, but that's life!
Two Squadrons of Bastion class Escorts. These are tasked soley with defence of the Capital vessels, and they are becoming increasingly more important, because my ships keep getting boarded by vicious Prussian luftlancers! So, the more Ack-Ack the better!
Here are my four squadrons of Frigates! These are my favourite vessel in the entire fleet (possibly why I have 15 of them). Pound for Pound, these guys are more than capable of punching above their own weight, using their two turrets to link fire and roll large amounts of dice, especially as a 4 vessel squadron. Add that to their side torpedoes, and these guys are always worth my while!
One of my two Hawk class Scout Rotors, which have yet to play a game, but rather have just been finished painting this morning. Colour scheme was in part borrowed from the Red Arrows and Iron Man.
The twin Doncaster class Bombers, used as late game bombing runs, AA defense and the occasional torpedo run, these chaps are darn useful!
And finally a close up on one of my Tiny Flier tokens. I have 16 of them, all looking exactly like the one above!

So, that is the entire fleet completed, at least for now. Whats next? Well I have some FOW to paint for next weekend, but I get distracted pretty easily, who knows what else will be there!



  1. Great looking fleet! Very nicely done sir!

  2. Good fleet. I seem to remember Thunderchild sank... but then so did the Szent Istvan ( so we've both picked ill-omened names.

    Regarding the carrier, how cost-effective would be it be hanging back cruising along your table edge? You lose it's torpedoes and gunnery, but you still get the extra fliers and it would be pretty safe. On the front line it's a very tempting target because of it's relatively high points cost for DR/CR.

  3. Fair point re the Carrier. It just takes so long to reload a tiny flier, that I don't see it as having a point! Tactic could be to use it as bait....

    I will ponder.


  4. Nice work, Pooch.

    I really like the bow markings on some of those and the colours of the rotor. If I get any flying funnies, I might be similarly garish. A whole fleet of that would be too much but one or two looks really good.

  5. Excellent Job! I'm starting a Brits fleet myself and these pictures have only inspired me further! How effective are the subs for you? Do they rape face or just die before they do anything?


  6. I certainly wouldn't call them amazing- the hull ripping trick is great vs a cruiser- anything bigger and you are likely to get criticalled yourself!

    But, in a squadron of 3 it is quite alot of assault dice- which do not get hit by Ack-Ack when they board.

    They look fricking awesome tho!