Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Cunning Plans, Clever machinations and a Painting Challenge

So as this year comes to a close, it is about time to get myself a new challenge, because you may have noticed that without a reason to get things finished, I tend to not do it!

I found a perfect challenge here; a Winter Challenge run by a blog out of Canada (hence it being a winter challenge!). The challenge is simple, paint as much as possible between the 20th of December until the 20th of March. Different scale models are given a points value, the goal being to get as many points! The challenge is truly international; contestants from Spain, Germany, Canada, England, Scotland, Belgium, Newfoundland and the USA will make for a truly awesome challenge!

Scoring Matrix
5 points per 25/28mm foot figure
10 points per per 25/28mm mounted figure
10 points per 25/28mm artillery piece or limber model
4 points per 20mm foot or unmounted horse figure
8 points per 20mm mounted figure
8 points per 20mm artillery piece or limber model
3 points per 15mm foot or unmounted horse figure
6 points per 15mm mounted figure
6 points per 15mm artillery piece or limber model

 They also have to be based; which is my arch nemesis!

So, that is the challenge. What is the plan then?

Step I: Base everything I have painted of my British Napoleonic Army before the 20th of December
Step II: Paint Three more regiments of British Napoleonics Infantry and 1 unit of Artillery crew to complete my Guards army, and to have it so I can play it as either Guards or Infantry.
Step III: Begin work into a Spanish Army of the Thirty Years War, based around Tercios!
Step IV: Paint a 15mm Australian Divisional Cavalry army for Early War FOW
Step V: Order and Paint 2 units of British Heavy Cavalry for Napoleonics (Scots Greys and Dragoon Guards)
Step VI: Sleep and not paint.

That's as far as I have gotten, if I manage to get that all done, I will be pretty darn stoked! There is plenty more to paint if need be! I don't really care about winning the challenge, more that it is a darn good excuse to get my Napoleonics done! Kent is also joining in the challenge- he is attempting an absolute stellar amount of Romans!

 Right. Thats the challenge, and what I will be working towards for the next 3 months or so. Pictures tommorow of the based Napoleonics, as well as a better description of where I am headed with them.


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  1. Good luck with challenge, and thats great bit of Black Adder!