Tuesday, 30 August 2011

6 Day Para Challenge 4- Finishing stuff to make me feel better...

Well, as the title says, rather than start new things and get me to being at the point of having lots of works in progress (like last update), I thought that I would actually get something fully done and dusted! So by something, I mean I managed to get my first Parachute Platoon based, along with my Company HQ, along with the Mortar platoon and along with Beep Beeps.

So a mildly blurry morning shot of last nights efforts! This just leaves me with 11 stands from my 2nd para platoon to finish, the only issue being I haven't even started painting them, or based them, or really done anything other than stick them onto a base. Oh well, 2 nights to get them done!

Actually, seeing that photo makes me feel alot better!

Beep beep I am in the lead?

Teams Completed: 29
Teams WIP: 0
Teams to Start: 11


1 comment:

  1. Looking good- those jeeps seem pretty cool. I might add them to my force instead of my guards rifle platoon