Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Snow Challenge 5- Any progress is good progress?

Any progress is good progress right? There is still plenty of snow on the ground, but it wont be here for long I don't think! Which is probably good actually, it is about time the town got back to normal!

Now, onto progress. I have one very important tip for young players. When trying to do a challenge (such as this one) it is a really good idea to not buy more things to add to the painting pile!

So... what did I paint today? I got a few layers onto my 2nd rifle platoon, but also I managed to get my OP Sherman painted too. And then what did I add to the list? An HMG platoon, plus JOE Vanderleur and the Forward Air Controller (Fat Controller from now on!)

So, here is the whole army, in its semi-painted state.
And here are two (average) pictures of my Sherman OP
So what painted tommorow? JOE, the fat controller, finish the 2nd rifle platoon and I reckon I can get the HMGs done. Which will leave me with just one rifle platoon to go- so long as I don't go shopping again!

Figures Painted: 16 Infantry, 3 Carriers, 2 25pdrs and Limbers, 1 Sherman V
Unpainted: 19 Infantry, 1 FAC, JOE Vandeleur.

So.... suddenly I am back to being under halfway through....

And so the painting continues....


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