Sunday, 21 August 2011

Snow Challenge 7- The End

Well, today marks the end of the Snow Challenge. So, without any adieu; here is the army now....
I managed to get it all done! I have officially run out of British things to paint. I will need to go for a hunt, or go shopping to manage to find some more things to paint for a painting evening on Tuesday night.

So, what have I finished?

Company HQ (2 infantry stands)
JOE Vanderleur and Forward Air Controller (2 Armoured Cars)
Rifle Platoon x3 (27 infantry stands)
Heavy Machinegun Platoon (6 infantry stands, 1 Universal Carrier)
Anti-Tank Platoon (1 infantry stand, 4 6pdr guns)
Carrier Patrol (3 Universal Carriers)
Sherman OP Tank
2 25pdr Guns with Limbers
1 spare Piat Team

So, in one week, I finished off 37 Infantry stands, 4 Universal Carriers, 4 Gun teams, 2 guns without crew, 1 sherman tank and 2 limbers. All in all, a pretty darn productive week! As for the army as a whole? Well, it really, really needs some support choices. M10's, more 25pdrs and Typhoons all need to be added to the army, so they will be coming soon!

The light is terrible right now, so I will try to get some good shots of the units, including those freshly painted 6pdrs up tommorow.

Well, it was a damn productive week, and the snow has basically gone now. It seems like setting myself random challenges works pretty well, I will have to look into doing a few more!



  1. Great work Chris! Pleased you did manage to get your challenge done.

    Nice blog BTW; following and into my list ;-)


  2. Good work Chris!

    Very productive indeed...puts my paltry 5 Panzers and 2 Hornisse (which I need to repaint anyway) to shame!

    Awesome Guards Rifles, I look forward to greasing my tracks with them in our next game...before your support units turn up to spoil my fun :P

  3. Yes... Support units will need to be ordered ASAP!

    In your defense Jas, your Panzers are very pretty....