Saturday, 13 August 2011

Snow Challenge Rules

For those who are not in New Zealand, we are expecting some serious snow over the next few days. So, with anticipating 3 or more days of no work, and of no leaving the house, I propose a challenge.

I played a game of FOW on Thursday night, against Jason. I fully blame him, because he made me want to play FOW again, it is completly his fault. Now since I am making a Guards army for Lasalle, it is only appropriate I make a Guards army for Flames of War!

My challenge then, is to fully complete all of the infantry I need for a British Guards Rifle Company before the snow is gone! Which could be 3 days, or it could be a whole week. I will be painting....
-Company HQ (2 Stands)
- 3 Rifle Platoons (27 stands)
-Spare Piat team (1 stand)- I had it spare, I might as well paint it, I might use it with an HMG platoon or something.
-2 25pdrs (2 guns, 2 limbers)- Again, I had these spare. No crews yet, that will have to be fixed in the future!

Well, that is the plan so far, might have to modify it if there is more/less snow!

So, other southern gamers, I propose you make yourself your own challenge, since we are all facing a bit of inside time; all you need to do is make some updates and do some painting!

Update 1 will be later tonight....



  1. Currently looking to finish my British Paras if the snow keeps me in :-)
    Only the 6pdr AT platoon, 1 inf platoon and the 7 airborne recon jeeps to finish!
    Then I can look at something else, perhaps EW germans in France.

  2. Good luck Stephen, get them all done! Sounds like a fair challenge to me!