Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Snow Challenge 4= Progress!

So, the Snow Challenge continues. There is still a heck of alot of snow outside, so more than enough to keep me from having to work this week so far! More importantly, the challenge has spread to Jason and Craig, with Jason's panzers especially embracing the winter aspect of the the challenge! I managed to have a game against him last night too- as it turns out we live around the corner from each other, so it was a (relativly) easy walk to have a game!

So, the title says progress, so that means I need pictures! First off, this is where the army is as a whole.
So, while out for a walk today I was met by Jason, who generously provided me with the paint needed to get my armour done, which meant I could finish my Universal Carriers....
And also my 25pdrs.
But not only that, but I also managed to get some infantry painted. Firstly, my Company HQ (with random PIAT)
As well as the first of my three Guards Rifle Platoons.
You will notice in the army picture that I have a few more infantry done from the 2nd platoon, but I just don't have a photo of them. I have also painted the limbers for the 25pdrs, but apparently they are shy, since none of the photos of them turned out at all!

I have also added a Sherman to the painting mix, I acquired him in a trade with Jason, he needed a Panzer IV, and I needed a Sherman OP! So that will go up on the painting block tommorow too, along with the remanants of the 2nd platoon. Plus I should get the bases done on the last platoon, so they will be ready to go on Thursday when I get around to painting them!

Models Painted- 16 Infantry, 3 Carriers, 2 25pdrs and Limbers
Models Remaining- 14 Infantry, 1 Sherman

My oh my, what a productive day! Any encouragement glady appreciated for tommorow!


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  1. Nice one Chris,

    They look really good, and your knocking them out really fast!

    I'd better pull finger so we can have that rematch with painted forces :)