Saturday, 6 August 2011

That wehr has land....

Ok, so the title doesn't make sense, either grammatically or comically, but I am sticking with it!

Over the last 4 days, some painting has been taking place! First off, here is the first of my two Hanoverian Landwehr regiments, this is the regiment from Osnabruck.
 Here is the regiment as a whole.
And a lovely close up of the regiment's sergant, showing off the wonderful Hanoverian peaked caps that they had! All in all, a very suave german!
And the regiment's colours. These are from GMB, and since there is no recorded standards for the Hanoverians, it is a bit of a guesstimate for what they would look like!
So, in addition to my Landwehr, I also finished the guns for my second artillery battery.
Two 9pdr guns, as well as a 5.5 inch howitzer. I think when I get some horse artillery- which I will do when I buy the heavy horsement (Scots Greys....) they will be using the lighter 6pdr gun, to contrast to the infantry's heavy 9pdrs.

And finally, I managed to paint my second sapper model. Yes I know I will probably never use him, but I figured I might as well paint him up since I had him! He represents a sapper seconded from the 42nd (Black Watch) Regiment, attached to help shore up the defences at Hougemont farm!

He is not amazing, but I am still pretty happy with him. He will look much better once his basing is done...

So, a fair bit done. Just 2 infantry regiments and gun crews to go, as well as any other miscellaneous I need to paint!



  1. Looking good Poochie- I like the wehr.

  2. Looking good bro.
    I'm liking the sapper collection as well as the guns.
    I'm taking off for a couple weeks but I would love a heads up about your next game when I'm back. For a look-see.

  3. I like a lot, hey what depth are you using for your guns, I'm almost ready to base mine

  4. I have some 150x 75mm bases, which is about as shallow as I would go to be honest. The depth doesn't matter as much as the width- 50mm per gun so French Batteries will be 200mm wide...

  5. I've based the 6pdr on 50mm x 90 and the 12 pdr longer about the 150mm the 5.5inch will also be on the 50 x 90