Friday, 19 August 2011

Snow Challenge 6- Getting there!

So, the snow stopped falling a couple of days ago, and I have decided to wrap up the Snow Challenge on Sunday, so I have 2 more days left to go!

This is the situation with the snow, here is what is left of Frank the Snowman....
 Lets be honest, he has seen better days.....

But, in spite of the warming weather I have managed to get some painting done! Firstly I managed to paint JOE Vandeleur, sitting atop a Humber Scout Car. Joe was the commander of the Irish Guards on their race to Arnhem; ably leading them to as close as 1 mile away from the town! Plus, he was played by Michael Caine (one of my favouritest actors) in a Bridge too Far, so he had to be in the army!
Driving along side Joe, will be my Forward Air Controller- The Fat Controller! His job is making sure my RAF Tiffies' rockets hit the Jerry tanks dead centre!
So, that is the armour. Now what about some infantry? I managed to finish off my 2nd Guards Rifle platoon; but I don't have a close up picture of them, because they basically look the same as the other Rifle platoon! So, now I have a legal Guards Rifle force, since I now have an HQ and 2 Combat platoons. Along with my 2nd Rifle platoon, I have also finished my HMGs. These chaps will get carriers (soon) but for now they can be foot slogging! They have acquired the spare PIAT that I painted earlier in the challenge, but I will paint another so I still have one spare.
So, with those done, all that leaves me left to do is the 3rd Rifle platoon, plus one PIAT stand. And I have 2 days to do it. Perhaps I need to add some more things to get done over those 2 days?
The army as it stands right now, tonight those guys on white bases will get primed, ready for paint tommorow.

How did other peoples snow painting go?

Models Painted: 25 Infantry, 2 25pdrs and Limbers, 6 Tank Teams
Models Remaining: 10 Infantry



  1. British Paras, 7 recon jeeps and crews finished, 1 platoon of paras painted, 1 airlanding 75mm artillery battery painted. Well the figures are painted and they are all glued to bases, just the bases are not finished, always my weakpoint in finishing.

    Stephen S

  2. Good work Stephen! I look forward to seeing them on table

  3. Hey Chris,

    I repainted 5 Panzer IV's, at least they wont look out of place in the Netherlands now!

    Irish Guards look good. I had to laugh at your "armour painted" for the list though :P

  4. Carriers are so armour.... Ish?