Sunday, 14 August 2011

Snow Challenge update 2= Impatience

So, the much vaunted snow, that I have based this entire challenge on hasn't arrived. So.. um... the snow challenge continues? Despite the lack of snow!

Possibly in keeping with the disappointment over the lack of snow, my productivity today was equally poor! I managed to base my Company HQ and first Rifle Platoon, as well as priming my 25pdrs and my Universal Carriers.

Oh, did I mention I managed to find a packet of Universal Carriers lying around? (don't mock my floor storage system) So they have been added to the challenge since they will be in the army too!

Onto pics.
Weather? Fine!
 And the amount of painting done? Poor!

Amount Completed: 0 Stands
Remaining: 30 Infantry, 3 Carriers, 2 Guns and Limbers



  1. We've snow here this morning Chris- not much out here but my work and the kids schools are closed. So I am working on my artillery for the Russians.

    Ian's terrain has got me inspired to work on decent terrain boards soon too.

    Guards infantry are IMO abut the best out there

    Look forward to seeing the progress


  2. snow, hail and painting :-)
    Making good progress on my paras, concentrating on the paint rather than the basing though.