Wednesday, 30 April 2014

A long time of no posting.

Well, it has been a good year since anything got posted here.

In that time, I have certainly not been idle in my gaming, but rather have been very distracted writing rules for Skirmish Sangin, and playing no small number of skirmish games.

In light of this, the blog here has waned into a damp squib of a thing.

I have decided that there won't be any more posts being put up here. Instead, I have two other blogs which include a whole lot of content from me.

To keep up with what I am up to you should look at...

For Skirmish Sangin stuff, head here- Skirmish Sangin Blog

For Impetus stuff, head here- McZermof, Pooch and Prinny Play Impetus

Thanks for all who have read and commented on this blog over the years, do check out the other two blogs to see what I am up to!