Saturday, 18 May 2013

Building an ASLAV Part 2- finishing the build

So, building has been completed on the ASLAV, the weather has cleared enough for me to undercoat ASLAV today, so paint should start tomorrow (all going well).

Adam correctly pointed out that my ASLAV was missing a spare wheel on the back. I had the plan of making a cast of one of the imprint wheels from green stuff, then build up the rest of the wheel from green stuff. Seemed to be a good plan, except I made an absolute hash of it! So, flagging that entirely, I opted to make my spare wheel with a cover on it. All the photos I have seen of the ASLAV show it without a cover, so I am using some artistic licence. I made it from a couple of 16mm washers, covered liberally with green stuff. I added a recognition panel to the cover to make it a bit more interesting. I plan to paint the cover in the desert AUSCAM, need to double check on the colour for the recognition panel tho

Another thing that which was missing from the kit was the ammo box for the pintle mounted FN MAG 58, so I whipped one up from some Green Stuff. I think that is all the building I am going to do, I could keep covering it in kit, but I do like the Australian vehicle camo, so I want to keep plenty of flat panels for the camo scheme.

So, off to undercoat the ASLAV, hoping to get the paint on it tomorrow.

Look Curt, TWO posts!


Sunday, 12 May 2013

Building an ASLAV in 28mm

Sorry for the lack of posting, in short I have become very heavily involved with Skirmish Sangin, which is taking up most of the mental capacity I have for writing, leaving very little enthusiasm for posting stuff up here.

Which is more than a bit lame, so I have decided to try to put myself back onto here. It will be pretty low key, but should be able to last a bit better than when I last tried this (all of 2 months ago!)


This is a first WIP look at my current project, an ASLAV (Australian LAV-25) in 28mm. The initial model comes from Imprint, and I have added my own modifications to it.

The primary difference from the Imprint Kit and the ASLAV is the exhaust, which I resculpted from Greenstuff and a bit of hacksawing. It was really the main problem, and took far longer than I had expected to sculpt (straight edges are not my forte). I am happy with how it looks currently.

Other additions are medical tape camo net on the front of the vehicle,backpacks from the Airfix 1/48th plastic Modern British Infantry and jerry cans on the turret.

Once the Green Stuff has dried, I will get some paint onto it, hoping to have it done by the end of the week, so keep looking out.