Thursday, 19 April 2012

Basing Impetvs Hoplites

So, with almost all of my Hoplites painted, it became time to get them based from SAGA to Impetvs. Here in the South, we use 8cm frontages with varying depths for our armies (head here for a breakdown for units).

So for my Hoplites, this meant that they needed to be on 8x5 bases, but for SAGA, they needed to be on 25mm rounds... which is a problem.

The solution? Well, it was very simple in fact, using a Sabot base. Those of you with military minds (which is probably all of my readers, lets be fair) will know of the term Sabot, which is a casing used to allow a smaller projectile to be fired from a larger calibre. In short, more bang for your buck!

An Armour Piercing Fin Stabilised Discarding Sabot round (APFSDS) on it's way to the target

Obviously, the solution was not a cannon, but rather a base that could accommodate the 25mm round bases, to make them into an 8cm frontage. The simplest solution is always throwing money at things, so I went to a top quality laser cutter up in Auckland called Dopey Dog, to get him to whip me up some bases.

And they arrived yesterday, and look phenomenal.

A base all ready for some FL Peltsats to use!

I mocked up my bases on the computer, and sent through the designs with measurements. Because I needed units for various purposes, there are different ones for different units. There are some like the FL base above...

Or a base for 6 FP Hoplites....

Or even one which is specially prepared to be my General's base, so my armies can be led by any of my Greek Heroes!

If getting some wargames bases done interests you, I highly recommend Dopey Dog. The quality is superb, all of the bases are exactly what I asked for- right down to the last millimeter! Plus, costs were reasonable, which is great when quality is so high. His website is here Dopey Dog, I will be sure to use his services again!

In case you were wondering how it all looks ranked up, here is my whole haul of Hoplites to date...

Now one of the locals recently returned from a trip to the Crimea, bringing home many stories and wargaming dreams, but also brought home what will now be known as the "SAGA Amphora" to be claimed as a right for winners of SAGA Trojan War games!


More painting on the block at the moment, more historical stuff for Impetvs!



  1. Excellent solution. Turned out really good.

  2. I don't even have a contender for the SAGA Amphora!;-)

    Those are the same bases I got I think. Look exactly the same anyway. I like them quite a bit but haven't trialed them during a game yet.

  3. Simply great and brilliant solution!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Certainly not my idea alone, but I am really happy how they turned out!

    I am sure if push came to shove you could run around with some greeks Adam, i saw the Illiad on your book shelf!