Sunday, 12 June 2011

Finished Inniskillings

The 27th Inniskillings are finished!
So, another unit finished! The buff was harder than I thought to do, I thought the fact that I had to paint less white would make the unit easier, but; then again it turned out to be just as annoying to paint the buff! Made for painting more layers. I was initially pretty unconvinced, but now that they are done, I am reasonably happy with them.
A not-so-close close up of one of the generic troopers. I am getting a bit better at painting the 28mm chaps, the faces are starting to look much less mush-like, and more like an actual person's!

The Inniskillings were a pretty exceptional regiment; I mentioned before about how they were mentioned by Wellington himself as being one of his lynchpins in the line at Waterloo. The regiment was under repeated cavalry attack, and so formed square. Once in square, the regiment was pounded by the Cavalry's supporting cannon; losing well over half of it's number while it was forced into the tight formation to defend against the cavalry. All the while, the regiment was holding a key crossroads behind La Haie Sainte; and through managing to hold it's resolve survived intact through the entire day!

Add to that, an impressive service in the Peninsular conflict, that should explain why I wanted them in my force!

Next unit will be Victrix miniatures, hopefully will get them started on Tuesday. For those wanting to see the armies that my British will take on, check out Lintman's Blog and the 15mm Paint Shack.


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  1. Looking good. The up coming year looks good for lasalle events with:
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