Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Well, I promised more pictures this time, so I will see what I can do!
Here is what will be my objective marker for Lasalle. I bought some 65mm bases, with the intention to use them for my Colonel bases. Unfortunatly, they are too large for that, so I came upon the idea when I had a spare officer (or two) from the Artillery boxed set, to have one of them observing the battle with his eye glass, standing next to an artillery limber (also from the boxed set). It is a Perry bicorne, story goes that this artillery officer has been fighting since the Peninsular and really didn't want to give it up! I will need an objective for Lasalle games, the base size for that is not really given, but I am happy with this one! In missions with no objectives, I could use this to represent my artillery being limbered I suppose.

I got a good bit of painting done on my artillery unit, but they aren't done yet! Here is where they are at.
And a closer shot of the gunners
So, hopefully will get these guys done in the next day or two, definitly by the end of the week I hope to have these chaps finished!

And, lastly, a Napoleonic story for the day. The final fall of the Napoleonic Dynasty came when Napoleon III's son (the prince regent) was killed fighting alongside the British against the Zulus in 1879. How did he die? The army was routed, and he was unable to mount his horse to escape. And the reason he was unable to mount his horse was that his pants were too tight. Just remember that when you start mocking Napoleonic era fashion!



  1. Nice progress, Chris. I hope you don't get too much more shaking to distract you from your project!

  2. Looking good Pooch

    Love the cuationary tale about tight pants!