Thursday, 2 February 2012

Infantry Aces Campaign and catching up on Painting

Two weekends ago, the local gaming store started up an Infantry Aces campaign for Flames of War. I saw it as the perfect time to crack into my painting goal of getting through some of my back log, choosing to paint up a US Boat company for the campaign. This will represent the 1st Infantry Division when it stormed ashore at Omaha Beach on D-Day.

My 500 point force for turn one
It is a very cool list, for Turn One I ran...
-2 Boat Sections
-A&P Platoon with 2 Squads and 2 Bazooka teams

At 700 points (which I have totally missed the round, oops!)
- 3 Boat Sections
-A&P Platoon with 2 Squads
-Cannon Platoon with 2 Light 105mm guns
Cannon Platoon just stormed ashore!

Close up on an LMG team

Close up on a Rifle team, showing a Medic trying to do his work under fire
The final list, the 900 points is..
-3 Boat Platoons
-A&P Platoon with 1 bazooka
-Cannon Platoon with 2 guns
-Armoured Field Artillery Battery with 3 Priests!
My Sherman OP Tank- About the right historical number of DD tanks that made it ashore!
So that is my army, how has the campaign been? I managed 3 games at the 500 points level, winning all three with max points for my ace (ooh ra!). I haven't managed to get any in the 700 points level, so I might have to skip right up to the 900 points, which is fine, but my ace will be slightly behind!

As to other painting, here are some more FOW figures...
Artillery Commander's Jeep- Simple headswap to keep him in line with my other Infantry

1 Section of 25pdr guns, with command

More Sherman Tanks- can you tell I like the Sherman?

All the Transport a young artillery battery needs to grow up!
So there is some more stuff for my North West Europe British Infantry, hopefully will get the chance to get some more of these chaps done. There are some more infantry, more Heavy Mortars, a few more miscellaneous things which I would like to get done for them.

I have achieved next to no painting since Valleycon- have only undercoated the next project. It's a long weekend this weekend, hopefully will get time to get some good painting in!


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  1. Some beautifully painted figures Chris, just love the casualty and medic base. top class!!!