Thursday 23 February 2012

SAGA Myrmidons- Completed

In the Illiad, the Myrmidons were the bravest and most skilled warriors of all the Achaeans, led by the best of the Greeks himself, Achilles. The Myrmidons were regarded highly for their loyalty- they refused to fight when Achilles sulked, only going into battle without him because they thought the Patroclus was Achilles. The eventual killer of King Priam was also a Myrmidon, a chap called Neoptolemus (he was also the son of Achilles), described in the Aeneid (a shameless pro-Trojan story) as having done the deed with the Hector's son as a weapon. And they made a lovely vase of it, now in the Louvre in Paris....

In other myth, the Myrmidons came into being after a great plague, which left the lands of King Myrmidon destitute and without any life. Naturally, he prayed to the Gods, and Zeus turned all of the ants from a sacred oak tree into people, the Myrmidons. So the word 'Myrmidon' actually can be translated into "ant people".

But, all the myth and legends aside, I have painted my full Myrmidon warband for SAGA.

First up, is the big man himself, being played by Brad Pitt in this movie. The miniature comes from the Wargames Illustrated "moments in time" range- give it a week and you will see Hector from the same pack appear on another blog...

Next up is my generic Warlord, for use when Achilles is dead or sulking. Or he could be Neoptolemus, for when I want to kill kings. The model is the Immortal plastics, note the piper in the background, his funky headgear was not just fashionable, it was also functional to keep the pipes playing properly!

This is my 8 Elite Hoplites, Achilles' chosen ones. They get the best armour, and the oh so classy shield curtains! More of the lovely Immortal plastics (now from Warlord Games).

Then we have 2 units of 12 Warriors. These guys are again Warlord Plastics. To tell them apart, one unit is based around red colourings, the other based around green. I plan to add more hoplites to turn these into a full army of Impetvs Hoplites.

So, that's it right now for my Hoplites. I plan to get a game in with them next week, I think Odysseus' Ithacans are in need of a reminder who the best of the Greeks is!

Day of Days is this weekend, will post up something about that Friday I think, and I painted the start of Secret Project No. 5 (Operation Cassowary), so pics of those to come too...



  1. They are looking great- tempting, very tempting...


  2. These look awesome Chris!

    I look forward to crushing them :-)


  3. Very cool. I will resist the Trojans. I will.