Monday 4 February 2013

2013- It has been a long time coming!

Well, after a good month plus of a hiatus (unannounced of course), I figured I would put something up here, just to remind you all that I am still kicking around!

2012 ended on an insanely busy note. I moved cities, and began working on the Analogue Painting Challenge. It has taken a fair while to sort through the mountains of boxes, and certainly most of my gaming stuff is still in a box, but I am settled in! The new city has opened up new opportunities, I have been encouraging the new locals into a variety of my favourite games- Impetus, SAGA and Force on Force. Thankfully, there are more than a few locals who were already keen on them, so we are well on the way!

My painting has been trucking along really well, actually as it stands I am in the lead in the competition! Well, a 20 point lead, but a lead is a lead! But I will do big picture dumps of that soon.

The plan for 2013 then?

Well, I am thinking of going to some tournaments....

-Day of Days Nick and I are running some Soviets, by some, I mean a whole lot! My side of the army is already done, but more on them in the future.

-Nationals Although it is in Wellington this year, I just can't get excited about 3 days of Flames of War. There are some cool late war lists which I could run, but I can barely justify 3 days of gaming, and if I am not going to enjoy it... On the other hand, the locals enjoy the fantasy game Malifaux, which has a 1 day competition, which is altogether more tempting.

-Southcon For something new this year, Southcon are running an Impetvs competition, based loosely around Far Eastern armies. With EI 5 just coming out filled with cool eastern lists, it made total sense! There are plenty of armies being planned, and my idea is to run Ikko Ikki, an army of peasants! But more on those when I see the lists, and make some plans.

-Panzershrek Apparently a good tournament, I have heard good things! It is late war doubles, and Bob and I are making evil, evil plans....

-Call to Arms The grand plan here? A group of us have gotten together and have decided to refight the Day of the Rangers in 28mm. So what that means, is I am going to pick up and paint some sweet as 28mm US Moderns! On that too, I am having a game of Skirmish Sangin, which is a set of rules from a local company, will be interesting to see it in action!

Plus Conquest probably and that will likely round out my tournaments for the year!

So what else is on the plan?

ACW- The Gettysburg Refight is this year, and I need to get painting!
Moderns- Taliban, 2003 War US
Impetus- Romans, Greeks, Celts...
SAGA- I wouldn't mind those Plastic Conquest Normans...

Oh, and a whole host of Flames of War too!

A bit of a cop out post I know, but it is to try to get me back into the habit of blogging as well as posting pictures to Analogue!

Painting is progressing very well...



  1. Nice to see you are still around Chris.

  2. Glad to see life is getting back to normal.

    Celts are cool!

    Not planning any FoW this year myself until Conquest and am currently "flamed out" and looking forward to running Day of Days and not playing- I hope to get some games of Dux Bellorum games in whilst overseeing the comp :)

    You and Bob as a doubles team- watch out world!

    I'll be in Wellington 3-4 times with my new contracting gig so hope to catch up for a game or two- first trip the Weds- Sat after Day of Days.

    I look forward to seeing some of your latest work updated on here too Poochie!

    1. Yep, Bob and I will be causing some chaos somewhere!

      No Flames of War till Conquest? Except Day of Days. Can't forget Bedecon too!

      Definitly keen for some gaming of some sort post Day of Days, we will just have to make a plan which night suits.

      Celts are cool- once the Romans are done I need an OPFOR for them, and it will definitely be Celts!

  3. Good to see you back on the web bro!
    Thanks for the update. See you soon.

  4. Southcon and Impetus is going to be fun. Should be a fantastic spectacle. Look forward to seeing the makings of your peasant army.

  5. Good to see you back on the blog! Hope you settle in well to your new city!