Thursday, 21 February 2013

Day of Days 2013

So, as time rolls on, the inevitable occurs, it is time for Day of Days again! This year it is a doubles tournament, themed around the relief of Stalingrad. So Mid War, and none of the REALLY cool toys for the Germans, just PaK 40s....

Nick and I are working together again, after my successes last year with tanks (8 tanks, fielded in 4 games. 32 total tanks, 31 destroyed...) clearly the only solution was for me to bring tanks AGAIN! The kaiser won't be expecting that...

To balance the Axis/Allies, we opted to play for the Allies, meaning both Nick and I needed to get a Soviet Army! Tankovy was not to hard to get, Nick had the hard task of getting a Cossack army! To be fair, it was his fault for choosing the ponies...

My force of Guards Tankovy works out as..

HQ- T-70
Tankovy Platoon- 9 T-34
Light Tankovy Platoon- 10 T-70


That's it.

I chose again to use my winterwash technique using the sponges out of blister packs, and quickly worked up my force.

There are two more T-34s, which somehow missed this shot...

10 Plastic Soldier Company T-70s. I was really impressed with these, and plan to write something up about them in the future.

Lastly, the Company Commander in his T-70

Another tournament special thing is that in some rounds, we may get air support. So, I picked up a cheap plastic Zvezda LaGG-3 fighter- mainly so I can complain about lag if it doesn't come in!

The colour scheme has been taken straight from Google- this is the paint scheme on a LaGG fighter on display in Moscow. And conveniently, it works perfectly with my Winterwash colour scheme!

So there it is, a quick little update, I plan to do an AAR following the tournament. Big question, will I lose more than 31 tanks?



  1. You've been spammed by the same guy as me.

    Those T70s look good. I'm going tanks too but shall try not to lose them all. due to the loss of players Dale and I are no partners! Let the mayhem begin

    My Cossaks are now free :)


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