Sunday 12 May 2013

Building an ASLAV in 28mm

Sorry for the lack of posting, in short I have become very heavily involved with Skirmish Sangin, which is taking up most of the mental capacity I have for writing, leaving very little enthusiasm for posting stuff up here.

Which is more than a bit lame, so I have decided to try to put myself back onto here. It will be pretty low key, but should be able to last a bit better than when I last tried this (all of 2 months ago!)


This is a first WIP look at my current project, an ASLAV (Australian LAV-25) in 28mm. The initial model comes from Imprint, and I have added my own modifications to it.

The primary difference from the Imprint Kit and the ASLAV is the exhaust, which I resculpted from Greenstuff and a bit of hacksawing. It was really the main problem, and took far longer than I had expected to sculpt (straight edges are not my forte). I am happy with how it looks currently.

Other additions are medical tape camo net on the front of the vehicle,backpacks from the Airfix 1/48th plastic Modern British Infantry and jerry cans on the turret.

Once the Green Stuff has dried, I will get some paint onto it, hoping to have it done by the end of the week, so keep looking out.



  1. Looking very cool Pooch, nice to have you back

  2. Looking cool. That kit was beautiful to start and it looks like those mods are doing it justice - can't wait to see the finished job.

  3. Looks cool bro.
    But stop before you attach all of the tyres and make a mold of one to make the spare. The ASLAVs use a bracket off the back like on my Surf. It makes them easier to get off and install.
    ANZAC soldiers are all keen bbq'rs.;-)

  4. Nice work Chris!

    PS: Quit being lame and post more ;)

    1. Post more? everything was so much more simple when you posted for me!

    2. I'm officially kicking you off my coattails, young man. You're going to have to fly solo until you bash away at the next Painting Challenge. ;)

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